A Conversation with Evelyn

How did you find the session? “Brilliant. I really enjoyed it….a bit tiring, because don’t forget I haven’t moved for a week.” Did you enjoy the dance and movement? Nods yes. “It lifts my spirits – makes me feel a bit more normal than usual.” What did you enjoy most? “All of it. The company, the atmosphere. I was upset when I couldn’t dance any more – it broke my heart.” Advertisements Continue reading A Conversation with Evelyn

A quote from Patricia

”The relaxation…it takes you, it takes the stress…you just go to another world. It’s peaceful. Tranquil. It’s pain free. I have migraines, very badly…is it better to take the morphine?, but as soon as I started in here, it went. And I’ve got osteoporosis and the whole of my body kills me… I don’t like taking painkillers but doing this, even the shoulders, amazing how much it started to loosen up and the pain started to go, it was easier, even with the legs, it was so relaxing. Better than drugs.I’d sooner have this all day than drugs” Continue reading A quote from Patricia